Swedish health centres (Vårdcentral) are where most people make first contact with a doctor. Archive photo: Thomas Artäng/Sveriges Radio

Doctor fired for offering patient a dildo

A doctor gave a patient a very unwelcome present: a dildo. The woman had come to her local health centre complaining of shoulder pain. The doctor suggested they meet after work at his home. There he offered her coffee, the sex toy, and also made remarks about her breasts, and other parts of her body, reports Dalarnas Tidningar.

The woman left the apartment immediately and the doctor was fired from his job at Ludvika health centre.

A prosecutor decided the doctor had not had the intent to sexually harass his patient. But the Ludvika health and care inspectorate has been sharply critical of the doctor's behaviour, saying he was extremely unprofessional and had seriously deviated from scientific knowledge and tested experience in his work. And that the doctor had not shown the woman consideration and respect, but rather acted in a way that caused her mental suffering.

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