Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth. Photo: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

MP thrown out of Stockholm restaurant

A Sweden Democrat MP was asked to leave a Stockholm restaurant Saturday evening, after staff accused him of insulting another guest.

He claims he was thrown out of the restaurant because he is a Sweden Democrat.

He told Swedish Radio News: "A guard came up to us and said we should leave the place, we asked why, and he answered that his boss had said people didn't like us being there... They didn't like our views, he said, I asked what he meant, and he answered 'Sweden Democrats', he was very clear why we shouldn't be there'".

However, the restaurant claims Ekeroth had insulted a female guest in "an extremely humilating way", adding that he "threw a glass onto the floor on the way out".

Ekeroth taped part of the conversation and sent it to various media outlets, claiming it backed up his side of the story.

Tabloid Expressen reports that Ekeroth's bodyguards from the Swedish Intelligence Service have filed a complaint against the restaurant to prosecutors.

Prosecutor Ronnie Jacobsson has since withdrawn the complaint, saying that he misinterpreted the law when he accepted the complaint. 

Kent Ekeroth has previously been forced to take a time-out of politics after being involved in the "iron bar" scandal where several Sweden Democrat politicians were involved in a public row with a comedian and passers-by and then were filmed walking around central Stockholm armed with iron poles.

The xenophobic Sweden Democrats were elected into the Swedish parliament for the first time in 2010.

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