Gothenburg man victim of internet scam

A man in Gothenburg is thought to have been tricked out of over SEK 200,000 in a complicated internet scam, newspaper Göteborgs Posten reports.

He first started sending money to a woman in Ghana who he had never met, who wrote in broken Swedish, and had started an online relationship with. He was then contacted by someone claiming to be a CIA agent, who also wrote in broken Swedish, who claimed the Ghanaian woman was an imposter, and that if he sent her cash, which he did, the female agent would help entrap the imposter.

Finally the first woman contacted him again, claiming the agent was a fake, and asking him to send her more money so she could hire a lawyer.

In total the man sent SEK 213,559 to the woman, the agent and several other people who are not thought to exist, Göteborgs Posten writes.

He has now reported the scam to the police.

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