Karesuando, in the very far north of Sweden, has registered the coldest temperature so far this year. Photo: Lars-Ola Marakatt/Sameradion

Arctic cold tightens grip on north

Sunday morning saw the coldest temperatures of the year so far, with Karesuando in the far north of Sweden registering minus 42 degrees Celsius this morning, news agency TT reports.

Several other towns and villages in the area also reported temperatures below minus 40 this morning, and according to the Swedish weather service, SMHI, the extreme cold is expected to stay until tomorrow, with the chance that the mercury may fall even further.

An area of high pressure with clear skies, no wind and little sunlight has caused the cold snap, but the temperatures are still much warmer than the Swedish record of minus 52.6 degrees, registered in Vuoggatjålme 48 years ago, news agency TT reports.

For the second day in a row most trains between Luleå and Kiruna have been cancelled due to the cold.

Meanwhile in southern Sweden, traffic authorities are warning motorists to be careful due to heavy snow and snow drifts. They say anyone driving in a north-south direction and in central or northern Skåne risk getting stuck in the snow.

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