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Rosetta will soon intercept a comet hurtling towards the sun. Photo: ESA
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A picture of the Earth taken by Rosetta. Photo: ESA

ESA: We have our comet-chaser back

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Update: On Monday evening rejoycing broke out in European Space Control as the sleeping space probe Rosetta sent its first signals for 31 months, showing it had successfully awoken and will hopefully be ready to fullfill its mission as a comet-hunter, reports news agency TT.

The ESA wants Rosetta to be the first to make a number of space exploration firsts, by not only making contact with a comet, but also landing on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and following it as its "swings around the sun", writes the European Space Agency.

Earlier on Monday Radio Sweden spoke to Anders Eriksson, from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, who is in charge of one of the instruments on the European probe, and who was keenly waiting for a signal to be received from Rosetta.

We spoke to him while he was waiting at his office in Uppsala University.

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