Film director Lukas Moodysson and Nobel Literature Prize winner Alice Munro. Photo: Cornelius Poppe/Paul Hawthorne/TT
SCB survey for 2013

Alice and Lucas most popular baby names

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Alice and Lucas were the most popular names given to newborn babies in Sweden during 2013. It's the third consecutive year for Alice at the top, while Lucas bumped William into second place.

In third place, for boys, comes the name Oscar. Second and third for girls was Maja closely followed by Elsa.

All three girls names have been in the top-ten during the last 5-10 years, while the three most popular boys names have been in the top-ten since the beginning of the millennium.

The fastest rising name is Louie, which has increased by 60 percent compared to the year before. 166 boys were called this, compared to 102 in 2012. The biggest drop in name popularity was My for girls and Hampus for boys.

Other names to drop off the list of the 100 most popular names are Evelina, Frida, Sofie, Annie, Lina and Hedvig for girls and Ali, Levi and Hannes for boys. They were replaced by the more popular Hilma, Ellinor, Sally, Melina and Nicole, and then Louie and Tor.

Emilia Aldrin is a Lecturer in Swedish Language at Halmstad University and an expert on choice of names.She told Radio Sweden:"There are many factors that go into choosing a name. Today, more than decades ago, parents are very concerned about choosing names for their children."

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