Burglaries are not prioritised by the police, according to the National Council for Crime Prevention. Photo: Armando Franca / TT

More reported crime - but fewer cases reach court

More crimes were reported in 2013 than in 2010, but the number of cases that made it to court in the same period dropped by 15 percent, the daily Dagens Nyheter reports. Also, the number of cases given by the police to prosecutors fell by nearly 12 percent.

Police have been criticised lately for being inefficient. Even though the government has invested several million krona to increase the clear-up-rate, the development seems to be going in the other direction, DN reports.

Criminologist Jerzy Sarnecki tells the news agency TT that some of this may be explained by the fact that more violent and sexual crimes have been reported, and these are crimes that are hard to investigate.

A spokesperson for the National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) tells DN that the police are not prioritising their resources towards everyday crimes, such as burglary and assault.

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