Project leader Dan Lestander (left) and icy artist Lars Lundqvist. Photo: Linnea Luttu/Sveriges Radio.

Man to sit in "ice cube" for Umeå art project

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The northern Swedish city of Umeå is one of the European Union's two Cities of Culture for 2014. And artists there will be using the chilly location to best effect, including a snow castle, and an artist shut inside an ice-room for two days.

Dan Lestander is a leader of the project City of Winter, and says to Swedish Radio Norrbotten it will involve using chilly materials for art and design, like flaming pillars of ice marking the city streets for visitors. He says they have already started building a snow castle, which will be available for big and small children to get close to.

The main thing that worries him is that the winter has been so warm. He is glad that the cold has finally come

Someone depending on the cold weather is artist Lars Lundqvist, who will be shut inside a giant ice cube

"First, a room of snow and ice will be built," he says. He will be sitting inside, in front of a fire, for two days. He says people will be able to see him through the ice, and realise that there's someone living inside the sculpture.

"I will be very uncomfortable for that time... It'll be interesting to see how people react, when they realise that there's a person inside the ice, 24 hours a day." He says people will be able to talk to him, as long as they shout very loudly. And that he wants people to try to communicate with him, as that will make it easier for him to make it through his time as a modern ice man.

If you want to talk to the man in the ice cube, book your train tickets now - the opening weekend for the City of Culture starts on the 31st of January.

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