Five indicted for mink farm attacks

Five young men and women were indicted by a district court on Tuesday for numerous attacks on mink farms and their owners in different parts of the country, TT reports.

The five are accused of serious threats, arson, criminal damage and trespassing.

Three of them, a two men and one woman, are currently in custody. According to the prosecutor, the three - a 32-year-old man from Gothenburgh, 24-year old man from Örebro and a 22-year-old woman from Kumla - are behind the most serious parts of the crimes.

Among others, they tried to force a man in Hjo to abandon his plans to become a mink farmer, by sending a letter threatening the man and his family, and by visiting his house at night, attacking it with axes and crushing a window.

Another ax and a bomb that did not explode were placed in the mailbox of the man's sister. They have also visited the family tomb at a graveyard in Södertälje, digging up the grave stone and replacing it by a stone with the inscription "XX never became a mink farmer".

They also visited the man's potential business partners and threw a firebomb which did not detonate against the house of his accountant.

The prosecutor tells TT there is reason to believe she will demand several years in prison for the three most active in the case.

All five deny the charges, except for the 22-year-old woman, who admits to arson against a garage belonging to another man wanting to start a mink farm in Lidköping.

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