Social Democrats support rape law review

The Social Democrat Party is now supporting a possible change in the country's laws regarding rape, making the leading party in government, the Moderates, the only party opposed to a review.

A spokesman for the opposition Social Democrat Party says it has been affected by the ongoing debate over whether there should be a law that focuses more closely on whether a person gave their consent to have sex.

Recent court cases where alleged rapists have been acquitted have led to demonstrations and calls for a change in the law.

In countries such as the UK and Canada, sex without consent can already be counted as rape, while in Sweden a man was recently acquitted after the judge decided he did not understand that "no" meant "no".

But despite their lack of unity over the issue, the other government parties are unlikely to break ranks with the Moderates and force a law change, reports Swedish Television News.

And the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) says that a change in the law would make little difference, since it would still be an alleged victim’s word against an alleged rapist.

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