This is what subway riders generally see when they order a ticket by text message... however, people who accidentally dial Jimmy Nore get a different message. Photo: Tomas Oneborg / SvD / TT
when yours is the wrong number

Subway tickets by SMS can lead to surprise

5:07 min

A man named Oskar Ståhl recently tried to buy a Stockholm subway ticket by SMS, but instead of getting the usual ticket, he received a text message saying that the company was out of SMS tickets for the day, that he would get to ride for free, and that the company hoped he would have a pleasant trip.

Ståhl told the newspaper Dagens Nyheter that he thought it was a little strange, but he figured it was a technical glitch of which the staff were aware. When he showed his phone to the ticket controller, though, the controller just shook his head, as if Ståhl were trying to deceive him.

It turns out the text message was sent by Jimmy Nore, a man whose phone number is quite similar to the public transport company, SL's, number.

Radio Sweden called Nore to find out how it all started, and why he doesn't just change his number.

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