Raoul Wallenbergs diplomatic passport /TT

Russian archives on Wallenberg to be opened

Russia's ombudsman for Human Rights has said that all archives relating to Raoul Wallenberg should be opened.

Vladimir Lukin made ​​the statement today in response to the Wallenberg family which traveled to Brussels hoping to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin during a summit between Russia and the EU, according to the French news agency AFP.

The Swedish diplomat saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from being sent to concentration camps during Wold War Two. Wallenberg was arrested in 1945 and then disappeared in a Russian prison in 1947

The family asks for access to documents that are assumed to exist in Russian archives , which may shed light on the Swedish diplomat 's fate, according to AFP.
Lukin said to Interfax that he would like to reassure the Wallenberg family members  that Russia is not hiding anything from them.

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