Christer Englund, head of the Swedish Hockey Association. Photo: TT.
Ice Hockey

Belarus visa rules threaten championships

Problems with Belarusian visa rules are threatening the cancellation of the Hockey World Championships, to be held in Belarus this May. Currently, the visa rules prohibit journalists from covering anything except hockey.

Fredrik Olofson, sports director at TV4, told Swedish Radio News that "if a special visa is required to cover anything other than hockey, then I think that that is censorship of our journalism. We are not planning on going there to just cover the matches in an important international tournament."

Kolerva Kummola of the International Ice Hockey Federation has said that this problem can lead to the cancellation of the entire tournament if Belarus doesn't live up to the terms as originally agreed upon. Christer Englund, head of the Swedish Hockey Association, added his support to the position.

When asked by Swedish Radio News if he can imagine the possibility of the tournament being cancelled, he responded, "yes, of course. If they don't live up to the expectations that were agreed on, then we will of course support such a decision."

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