The Lexbase database. Photo: Per Larsson/TT.

Lexbase website hacked

The controversial Lexbase database, which lists people who have been convicted of crimes in Sweden, has been hacked, according to Dagens Nyheter. The information contained in the database has been uploaded onto a different site, which is completely accessible to the public.

According to Dagens Nyheter, the files contain over 8 million characters and over 100,000 records. It is unknown exactly how it happened, but it is not thought that any details of specific criminal records have been leaked.

The Swedish Data Inspection Board says that because of the law protecting personal information, it is difficult for them to uncover the illegal activity and breaches in security.

"It is largely pointless for us to tell unauthorized people that they cannot have access to the information because Lexbase maintains that everyone is authorized," Martin Brynnen, lawyer for the Swedish Data Inspection Board, said to Dagens Nyheter.

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