One of the streets named after a woman: Anna Lindh. Photo: Bertil Enevåg Ericson / TT

More women's names for streets

The west coast city of Gothenburg has decided to change the way street names are chosen. Now new streets will be named with alternating male and females names.

Most personal names on street signs are male. But from now on, in Gothenburg, half of the names will be female. Already existing streets will not have their names changed. This new rule will only affect newly constructed streets. According to TV4 News in Gothenburg, since 2006 there have only been 20 new streets named after women and 38 named after men.

Like Gothenburg, Stockholm also has many more streets named for men than women. However, new streets are now more often named after women than men, Kristian Rosengren, the official responsible for this change in Stockholm, told new agency TT. "We absolutely prioritize women's names. There are two areas where there will be only women's names on new streets, one in Sköndal and one in Hagastaden between Solna and Stockholm," Rosengren said.

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