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More needed than legal change to stop rape

"A consent clause would not change things"
5:50 min

A number of high-profile acquittals have lead to renewed calls for a consent clause in Sweden's laws against rape but one organization thinks a legal reform would do little to help the problem.

A recent demonstration in Stockholm saw thousands demand the change, and political parties have one-by-one said they are open to reviewing the law, with the conservative Moderate party finally joining the call on Wednesday.

A consent clause has, however, been considered by parliament twice before, and critics argue that changing the law would do little.

Marielle Nakunzi, a legal advisor at the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, said what is important is a comprehensive approach to combating sexual violence. 

"We really need to look into the preventative work," she said. "How do we educated children in school? About relationships, about sex, about consent."

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