Carolina Falkholt with her vaginal mural on a school wall in Nyköping. Photo:Johanna jennische/SR
Man thought she was a vandal

Vagina artist attacked while painting in Umeå

Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt, known for her vagina painting on a school wall in Nyköping, said on Thursday that she was attacked in Umeå while making a vagina mural on a block of ice, as part of the northern city's inaugural celebrations for its year as European Capital of Culture 2014.

"He came up to me and pushed me so I fell over," Carolina Falkholt told Swedish Television SVT in Västerbotten. She claims she was forced to stop work after she was attacked by the unknown man. She later told the local newspaper, Västerbotten courier, that she was still upset and could not understand why she was attacked. "I'm still shocked. I was stood and was doing my job when this man hit me in the middle of the street and said "Why do you come here and destroy."

"It is completely incomprehensible. A blow to a woman is a blow to all women."

The man though later contacted the newspaper and said how he thought the artist was a vandal causing criminal damage. He described how he parked inside the city centre and saw a masked person stood and spraying a block of snow. He did not know that it was artist Carolina Falkholt.

"F******g Vandal," I thought and just went up and asked why she was destroying something. It's so often you see how the place is vandalised but noone dares do anything." According to the man, who wished to remain anonymous, he was worried when the person took a step toward him, thinking she would spray him in the face, so he said, he put his hands up to "protect himself".

"Had she explained what she was doing, I would have said sorry and moved on."

He claims not to know of Carolina Falkholt's art nor that she was painting a vagina on a block of snow. "It was only a few strokes back and forth, so I did not see at all what it was."

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