Inside Sweden's Parliament. Photo:: Erik Mårtensson/TT.

Threatened parliamentarians could get free taxis

Parliamentarians who are at risk for threats or violence should get the right to their own private taxis, paid for by the Parliament, according to a new proposal from the parliament's security department.

In 2011, 16 percent of all politicians in Sweden suffered from harassment, threats or violence. The highest figure was for national MPs, at 36 percent.

There are no specific rules in Parliament regarding how to determine who should use the private taxis, just that there should be a security reason.

The total taxi costs for parliamentarians in 2013 was SEK 5.3 million. The new rule will increase this spending. However, this will not cause more tax money to be spent, news agency TT reports. The Parliament's security department says that there is money for this increase already in the present parliamentary budget.

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