Marlene and this week's Friday guest Ji Nilsson in New York. Photo: Jacob Olofsson)
Friday guest

"I didn't expect my music to break through"

"It just kind of happened that people liked my music"
8:22 min

Josefina Nilsson, or Ji Nilsson, writes and produces a pop-inspired R&B sound and has cowritten the hit single Stay Awake with Marlene that was released earlier this week. She's just finishing up the last touches to her first music video to her debut single I'm Her

She makes her own music but also writes with artists and friends Marlene, Julia Spada and Beatrice Eli, all of whom are just on the verge of breaking through with their music.

Ji Nilsson joined us in the studio to talk about what it's like to write songs with your friends, what it's like to write R&B in Sweden, a country mostly known for its pop scene, and how growing up in a musical family shaped her.

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