Genica claims to have been picked up by the police and dropped outside of the city when she was found begging. Photo: Marcus Ålsnäs P4 Sjuhärad

Beggars claim police moved them outside city

A number of beggars in Borås outside of Gothenburg claim to have been removed from the streets of downtown Borås and dropped off outside of the city by police, Swedish Radio reports.

Genica is one of roughly 50 beggars in Borås. She says she was afraid of not finding her way back after the police removed her from where she was begging and dropped her off on the outskirts of the city.

"I wish the police would stop moving me. I don't want to be left out there and get lost," Genica says.

The Borås police deny having moved any beggars outside of the city but say that they are sometimes required to move people who loiter.

"It's our job to remove people from restricted or private areas. We wouldn't want people to form a camp at a construction site for instance," says Anders Cronehag head of operations at the Borås police.

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