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The two twin brothers who own the guitars. Michael and Samuel Åhdén from Umeå in northern Sweden. Photo: Agneta Johansson, Sveriges Radio.
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The collection is one of the world's largest according to the Guitar Magazine. Photo: Agneta Johansson, Sveriges Radio.
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These are some of the most valuable vintage guitars in the collection. Photo: Agneta Johansson/Sveriges Radio.

Guitar museum opens its doors in Umeå

One of the world's largest guitar collections is made public Saturday as Guitars - The Museum opens its doors in Umeå in northern Sweden.


300 guitars line the walls of the exhibition and are all part of a private collection that has taken over 30 years to collect. It all started when two twin brothers spent their travel money on an electric guitar before even leaving Sweden.

"We've been to Turkey a couple of times since, but we have spent most of our money on guitars," Samuel Åhden says to Swedish Television SVT.

25 out of the 300 guitars are kept in a vault room and one vintage guitar is valued to over SEK 3 million.

"We traded 15 or 16 vintage guitars to get that one, because you can't really save up that kind of money," Michael Åhden says to Swedish Radio. "But it's not about the money, it's about our love for guitars," he adds.

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