Afro-Swedes often targets for hate crimes

A new government review says Afro-Swedes are the minority most often targeted by hate crimes.

People of sub-Saharan African descent in Sweden were subjected to 17 percent out of the 4,000 reported hate crimes in 2012. The most common crimes against Afro-Swedes in 2012 were threats and harassment, according to the Swedish Council for Crime Prevention.


"Afro-Swedes are among the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in Sweden when it comes to discrimination and hate crimes. But we can also see discrimination in the labour market and when it comes to getting a place to live," says Tobias Hübinette, one of the researchers who worked with the review.

The review also showed that very few crimes against Afro-Swedes are actually reported, due to widespread distrust of the police, and that many suffer everyday racism such as verbal abuse in public spaces.

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