Patients who have had a general anasthetic are sooner up on their feet again, according to the study. Photo: Bertil Ericson/TT

Quicker recovery for anaesthesized patients

Patients who have had an general anaesthetic before an operation to replace a knee or a hip joint recover faster than the patients that have been operated on under a spinal anaesthetic, according to research at Hässleholm hospital, Swedish Radio News reports.

"People who are given narcosis are in less pain, are mobile again faster, feel less nausea and giddiness," says Andreas Harsten, senior anaesthetic physician at Hässleholm hospital.

The study shows that, the few hundred kronor more that it costs to give a general anaesthetic compared to a spinal anaesthetic, can be saved by the substantially shorter recovery time for the patients.

"The average time in care for a hip is 1.1 day and for a knee 1.8 days, and that is a lot shorter than it used to be," says Andreas Harsten.

Every year, some 13 000 knee joints and 17 000 hip joints are replaced in Sweden, and the hospital in Hässleholm carries out most knee and hip joint replacements in the country, Swedish Radio P4 reports.

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