An underground bunker is up for sale just outside of Uppsala. Photo: SVT

Sweden sells off rarely-used bunkers

For sale: An underground bunker with top security storage space. Great location and lots of storage. Those are the first few lines from an ad posted on the Swedish Fortifications Agency's website to sell a bunker.

The 2,400 square meter bunker was built in the 1950's to withstand severe bomb blasts and is now up for sale to the general public. Ida Åsberg from the Swedish Fortifications Agency arranges guided viewings of the estate.

"One part of the bunker is partially furnished with an office space and shower cabins, but a majority of the square meters is just empty space," Åsberg says.

This isn't the first bunker to be sold off by the Swedish Fortifications Agency. Only last year six other bunkers were sold all across the country, mostly to companies searching for storage or office space.

The Swedish Fortifications Agency is the national defence's real estate agency and manages and maintains protected buildings, military housing and training grounds.

Some of the bunkers that have been sold off have barely been in use since they were built in the 1950's or 60's and are too expensive for the Agency to preserve or renovate. They are therefore looking for people who may be interested in a rather unique space for their business.

Despite that you won't get any sunlight or that the temperature in the underground bunker is a chilly 10 degrees celsius, about 40-50 people show up to every guided viewing. One of the viewers owns a computer center and says he was curious if the bunker could work as their new underground office.

"I'm here with my colleagues and we think this would be perfect for a server hall," he says.

And he is not the only viewer who was impressed by the space. Brothers Gösta and David Ståhl-Fred, say they would use the bunker as a garage.

"We were thinking that we could use the space for trucks and machinery, but also as an office space," Gösta Ståhl-Fred says to Swedish Television SVT.

But the massive space comes with a hefty price tag. The starting bid is at 3 million swedish krona, and electricity and water comes to almost 90,000 kronor a year.

The last bunker that the Agency sold off ended up costing 3 million kronor for 3,000 square meters, but Ida Åsberg at the Swedish Fortifications Agency says she'd be surprised if this bunker went for less.

"The bunker's location just outside of Uppsala, close to the Swedish capital, makes it worth far more," Åsberg says.  And adds that she'll be happy as long as they find a buyer.

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