On average, manufacturers overstated their cars' fuel efficiency by 28.4 percent, according to the tests. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT.

Report: Cars guzzle more gas than manufacturers claim

New cars are burning through more fuel than what their manufacturers claim, according to the Swedish automobile newspaper, Vi Bilägare, and now, an organization pushing for more environmentally friendly traffic, accuses the auto industry of neglecting its responsibility.

Vi Bilägare reports that the laboratory environments in which cars are tested yield results that are significantly different from when the cars are driven in reality, and that this difference has grown over time, especially since 2009. Last year, on average, brands that Vi Bilägare tested overstated their cars' fuel efficiency by 28.4 percent, whereas in 2000, the difference was less than 4 percent.

Mattias Goldmann from Gröna Bilister tells news agency TT that it is not just a question of drivers being annoyed that they bought cars which do not live up to their expectations in terms of fuel efficiency, but that it is also a question of Sweden being able to meet its climate goals.

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