Anti-depressants - increasing more among pregnant women than in the population as a whole. Photo: JESSICA GOW / TT

More pregnant women prescribed anti-depressants

More pregnant women are prescribed anti-depressants, the news agency TT reports. Over the past six years, the number has increased by 55 percent, compared to 10 percent in the population as a whole. Doctors say it is likely that too few pregnant women were prescribed anti-depressants in the past.

"We think that women have been undertreated in the past. There has been insufficient knowledge about the risks of the drug, so doctors have been very restrictive. But newer studies have toned down the degree of seriousness," says Margareta Blomdahl, chief psychiatrist at Karolinska University Hospital.

According to the statistics from the national board of health and welfare, 2,600 pregnant women a year were prescribed anti-depressants six years ago. Today, the number is over 4000.

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