Inductees to Swedish Music Hall of Fame. Photo: TT. Montage: Sveriges Radio

Twelve inducted into Swedish Music Hall of Fame

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In a bid to honor this Scandinavian nation’s storied musical tradition, the Swedish Music Hall of Fame has inducted  a group of 12 of the most influential Swedish musicians.

The performers represent various musical styles and traditions ranging from the 90s hip-hop group, The Latin Kings to Ulf Dagby of Nationalteatern and even the folk musician Evert Taube.

Considered together, this year’s inductees are a part of the melting pot of artist who have helped to create modern music in Sweden and mch of this tradition began with Taube, according to Jan Gradvall and Kersti Adams-Ray, members of the jury selection committee.

During their time, many of this year’s inductees, according to Gradvall, were quite outspoken and daring during their time.

Dagby, of Nationalteatern, might represents this tradition best.

But he downplays his influence and says that artists achieve a certain resonance when they write about what they know best – and that sometimes happens when they write about where they live.

Still, Gradvall insists that there are similarities among the selected musicians. All of them were working hard to say something unique.

Dogge Doggelito who was with The Latin Kings --  the Swedish hip-hop group from Stockholm’s southern suburbs, now speaks about the importance of preserving the folkhemmet – the quintessentially Swedish concept of people working together for the betterment of society.

The 12 artists inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame include: Abba, Jan Johansson, Roxette, Eva Dahlgren, The Latin Kings, Evert Taube, Ebba Grön, Nationalteatern, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Entombed, Stina Nordenstam and Monica Zetterlund.

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