Lund University. Photo: Johan Nilsson / Scanpix.

Aboriginal human remains discovered in Sweden

A skeleton of aboriginal origin that had been missing since the mid-twentieth century has been found in Lund, southern Sweden. The Australian ambassador will be notified of the discovery, newspaper Sydsvenskan reported.

The Swedish History Museum had been tasked with keeping human remains belonging to the anatomic institution, which has since been abolished. The skeleton was discovered when two museum employees visited the Museum of Life, a medical history museum in Lund.

"There was a skeleton there which appeared to be very similar to the missing skeleton. After a close look at the related documents and after an osteological examination we could confirm that it was the right skeleton. According to the available information, it was of aboriginal origin," said Per Karsten, head of the historical museum of the Lund University.

In 2008, two craniums found in the anatomical collection in Lund were repatriated to Australia.

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