Camilla Lindberg and Jörgen Appelgren of Junilistan. Photo: Herman Melzer/Swedish Radio

Eurosceptics from the left and right join forces

4:50 min

The Junilistan, or the June List, presented its candidates for the May European Parliament election on Monday. The party takes its name from the Eurosceptic June Movement in Denmark and includes representatives of the right and left. Its new leader, Jörgen Appelgren, is a Social Democrat and the second person on the ballot, Camilla Lindberg, is a former MP for the Liberal Party, which credits itself with being Sweden's most EU-friendly party.

What unites the people on the Junilistan ballot is the conviction that, as Lindberg puts it, "the EU has too much power".

The party rose to fame in the 2004 EU parliamentary elections on a ticket of protecting the Swedish currency from the Euro, reducing EU red tape and any moves towards a federal Europe.

It won 14 percent of a low voter turn-out, gaining three seats, but then lost all representation in Brussels in the 2009 EU elections.

Lindberg is perhaps best known as a vocal critic of Swedish surveillance laws. Joining Junilistan marks a political comeback for her. She tells Radio Sweden: "I think more and more Swedes are critical of the way the EU has developed. People around the country are saying 'this is not what we voted for 20 years ago'. The Swedish people voted for more freedom, they thought the EU stood for freedom and that it would help make life easier, but that is not what we got."

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