Omega-3 supplements are useless according to a new study from Stockholm University. Photo: TT

Study claims Omega-3 supplements are useless

The human body produces enough omega-3 fatty acids on its own and people do not need any supplements to ensure a healthy brain development. That's the word from a new study from Stockholm University.

Omega-3 supplements have been marketed to have health benefits on both our hearts and brains, and while Anders Jacobsson, professor in molecular research at Stockholm's University, agrees that there are health benefits he says our bodies can do without the supplements.

"I would say that omega-3 supplements are superfluous for the majority of the population. Our bodies produce enough of the DHA fatty acid and don't need any supplements," Jacobsson says to news agency TT.

The study, that's done on mice, shows that 90 percent of the body's fatty acids are produced in our own cells and only 10 percent come from our diet. Jacobsson does however add that omega-3 still has positive effects on your health but suggests that you get your daily intake through your diet instead.

"We still know very little about what happens with the body's own production of fatty acids when we add high doses of omega-3 to our diet," Jacobsson says.

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