Money. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT.

Text message not valid as last will

A 27-year-old man attempted to write his will and name who he wanted to bequeath money to via a text message. However, a court decided that he should have used paper and pen instead and that the text message will is not legally valid.

The man sent a text message of his intended last will just hours before he committed suicide. A friend of the deceased, Christoffer, told Swedish Radio that he is 100 percent certain that the text was intended as a last will and that his friend intended to leave him a car in his will.

The man had no children and was not married, so it was his mother who would inherit his estate. However, the man did not want her to and he instead chose four different people to inherit his apartment, money and car. This was stated in the intended text message last will.

But the man's grandmother took it to court. A district court decided against the grandmother but the Court of Appeals decided that the text message will is not legal and that decision stands.

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