Viktor Yanukovych and Carl Bildt. Photo: TT.

Bildt and Reinfeldt: Hope amidst chaos in Ukraine

2:38 min

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt have called the situation in Kiev very complex but are optimistic that it can also lead to the improvement of the general situation in Ukraine.

"The country desperately needs radical economic reforms and international support efforts, and they need to act fast," Bildt told Swedish Radio. He said that Ukraine is without a functioning government and has a rapidly declining economy but that there are great opportunities to start anew.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was also optimistic about Ukraine's future but expressed similar concerns.

"This brings a lot of hope to an economically mismanaged country filled with conflicts," Reinfeldt said to TV4. He said it was difficult to say who, if anyone, is in control of the ongoing process. And that there is, of course, a risk that it could spark more nationalism, vengeance and violence.

Reinfeldt thinks there will need to be a support package together with demands for reforms in order for the country to get back on its feet.

"We are part of the IMF and have acted like a bank machine that dispenses money that doesn't lead to reforms and improvements," Reinfeldt told TV4. He notes that now Ukraine is living off of a short-sighted loan from Russia that has worse terms than the IMF.

According to a statement from Finance Minister Yuriy Kolobov, Ukraine may need close to SEK 230 in emergency economic assistance, reports news agency AFP.

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