Report: Adopted children have less education

Lower income and education levels have been found for children born in the 1970s and brought to Sweden for adoption, according to a report from Statistics Sweden.

The median income for the adopted men in the study was SEK 291,000, compared to SEK 354,000 for those born in Sweden. Among women the difference was SEK 246,000, compared to SEK 269,000 for those born in Sweden.

Statistics Sweden says the difference is explained by the lower education levels of those adopted. Among men 21 percent of those adopted had continued a long education after high school, compared to 36 percent for those born in Sweden. For women the figures are 36 and 49 percent respectively.

Fewer of those adopted have also become parents. Half of the adopted men have had children of their own, while for those born in Sweden the number is 66 percent. 70 percent of the adopted women have had children, compared to 80 percent for those women born in Sweden.

In general, the differences are greater for men than they are for women. The majority of those adopted have a high school degree and live off of earned income.

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