Stieg Larsson took a huge interest in the murder investigation of former Prime Minister Olof Palme in the 1980's. Photo: Leif Blom / SCANPIX
Millennium author investigated the murder of former Prime Minister Olof Palme

Steig Larsson investigated Palme murder case

The world-renowned author Stieg Larsson, known for the Millennium trilogy, provided the police with documents where he linked Swedish secret service agent Bertil Wedin to the murder of former Prime Minister Olof Palme, according to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Long before Stieg Larsson started working on the Millennium books he had taken a huge interest into the murder investigation of former Prime Minister Olof Palme, who was shot fatally in the back in 1986 in downtown Stockholm by an unknown assailant. Newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has been granted access to Larsson's archive and found documents that show that Larsson did his own investigation of the case, which he then sent to the police.

In the mid 1980's, Stieg Larsson was mapping Sweden's far-right groups and immediately thought to look into people who could have wanted Palme dead. Through contacts at the British magazine Searchlight, Larsson came across information on a former officer, South African agent and later suspect in the murder investigation named Bertil Wedin. Larsson then put together a file on Wedin, which he sent to the police in 1987.

Wedin has been a suspect for 28 years but has never been questioned by the police. He says to the newspaper that the police called him once, in 1996, but never since.

"It's true that I disliked Olof Palme, but I didn't hate him. I have nothing to lose from the truth getting out, because I had nothing to do with the murder," Wedin says.

Author and journalist Jan Mosander says to Swedish Radio that the same suspcisions were raised by other people, besides Stieg Larsson, in the mid 1980's and adds that Bertil Wedin was a key suspect in the murder investigation before Stieg Larsson sent his documents to the police.

Stieg Larsson passed away on November 9th in 2004.

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