Drilling through the ice to take a sample from the Great lake.Photo:Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

Prosecutor appeals stomach bug acquittal

Prosecutor Lars Magnusson has appealed a court decision finding the municipality of Östersund not guilty, after the parasite Cryptosporidium spread through its water supply and made some 30,000 residents sick. The local council had been charged with breaking enviornmental rules four years ago. Magnusson wants the council to pay SEK 6 million for having been badly prepared.

Östersund municipality was acquitted three weeks ago in the local district court. The lawyer who represented the municipality said it could not be blamed, since there are no rules that detail exactly what safety barriers should be in place. Prosecutor Lars Magnusson, however, does not agree and says to Swedish Radio that the municipality should be held responsible for the outbreak.

"I think the rules are pretty clear. The water regulations specify what kind of threats you need to prevent and parasites are on that list", Magnusson says.

For the case to be tried in the Supreme Court the District Court must apply for a leave to appeal.

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