Cigarette. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell/TT.

Study reveals more deaths from smoking

Twice as many people are killed yearly in Sweden from smoking than was previously thought, according to a new study by the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare. 

The problem is especially critical for young women, who are the only group that is not smoking less.

The study reports that 12,000 people died from smoking between 2010 and 2012. More and more diseases are being shown to be caused by smoking, and around 100,000 people per year land in the hospital from smoking-related illnesses.

Women are stricken in higher numbers with smoking-related sickness in early years. Every fifth registered miscarriage before week 22 and just as many ectopic pregnancies are caused by smoking, as well as one in ten cases of infertility in women. The study also said that around 5 percent of pregnant women in Sweden smoke.

The total of people who smoke daily has decreased steadily. Today there are around one million smokers in Sweden. In the 1980s one third of adult Swedes smoked.

"The cost to society and private suffering is much greater than we thought. There is every reason to look at questions about limiting smoking in public, information and by controlling prices," said Public Health Agency general director Johan Carlson to news agency TT.

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