Youth leader criticised for call to limit Syria refugees

A row in the Christian Democrat party has broken out after the leader of the party's youth wing stated that the current refugee policy is unsustainable, prompting a swift and critical response from several of her top colleagues.

Sarah Skyttedal, head of the Christian Democrat youth wing, wrote in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter that Sweden needs to keep a balance between taking asylum seekers and preserving the country's ability to integrate the newcomers.

The head of the Christian Democrats, Göran Hägglund, told Swedish Radio News that he disagrees, that when people flee a war where people are beheaded, crucified and forced to flee, Sweden should stand ready to help.

Sweden is currently taking in more refugees than at any other time since the Bosnian war. This is because of the crisis in Syria. No other European country is accepting such a high number of refugees, per capita.

Around three million people are fleeing the civil war in Syria, which has killed almost 200,000 people. It is described by UN Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, as "the greatest catastrophe of our time."