Extra cash for teachers a threat to "Swedish model"?

Election promises by politicians to raise teachers' salaries could cause problems for the "Swedish model", according to experts Swedish Radio News have spoken to.

The four centre-right government parties have promised to give good teachers higher pay if re-elected, and the Social Democrats and Green Party have also said they are willing to put cash aside to hike teachers' salaries.

But according to some that might endanger the "Swedish Model" where the state keeps out of pay negotiations, leaving it to employers and employees.

Professor Lars Calmfors, one of Sweden's leading economics professors told Swedish Radio News: "It is very unusual. There is a risk if you decide to raise pay for some that others might then make their own demands. That risk is not minimal."

And the blue-collar trades union confederation LO says it does not want the state to get involved with setting pay levels at all.

"If the state is to get involved then there has to be broad agreement from other groups, otherwise there might be demands for compensation. There are plenty of people in Sweden that are underpaid. Employers and unions should set pay levels and deal with this, we're cast iron on this", LO Negotiating Secretary Torbjörn Johansson says.