Parties target youth unemployment

The centre-right government Alliance celebrated creating 300,000 new jobs since they came to power eight years ago at an election event in Stockholm Sunday.

"We have had a strong increase in employment thanks to the reforms we have carried out", Prime Minister Reinfeldt told news agency TT, stressing the importance of tax cuts and tighter rules for welfare benefits.

They also promised more cash for apprenticeship schemes, claiming apprenticeships are the reason why countries such as Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands have lower youth unemployment.

Unemployment in Sweden is currently at eight percent of the workforce.

Meanwhile, the opposition Social Democrats launched a new election pledge to spend SEK one billion annually to introduce 7,000 trainee jobs in after-school activities, they also want to spend SEK 400 million on extra lessons for struggling pupils in schools, TT reports.

In an annual report the IMF recently said more needs to be done in Sweden to help the young and foreign-born get jobs.