Man tested for Ebola in Stockholm

Initial results show that a patient tested for ebola in Stockholm is not infected with the disease.

Doctors said on Monday that the risk of the man having the disease was very low, but that the hospital staff had taken all possible precautions and the man is being kept isolated from other patients at the Karolinska hospital.

The patient sought medical attention for a fever after he visited an African country where there has recently been an ebola outbreak. He says he has not been in contact with infected people. Initial results confirm that the man is not suffering from the deadly disease.

The man is not the first person in Sweden to be tested for Ebola, something that has not been widely known. Cases like these are not generally publicized as tests are a matter of routine, according to epidemiologist Anders Tegnell at the Swedish Institute of Public Health.

"We've had a couple of questions here, for a variety of reasons. None of them have been positive and in all cases the suspicion has been very low. It's the same in other European countries," Tegnell told Swedish Radio.