Lift terror: "I thought I was done for"

2:09 min

A trip to the laundry room quickly became a nightmare for a Malmö resident who was trapped in a lift  which quickly filled up with water.

Batool Entezari thought she was going to die, when the lift she was in quickly started filling up with water. "The water was rising and when it reached my waist I was terrified," she says. "I just banged on the door and screamed."

Before dawn broke on Sunday morning, a month's worth of torrential rain poured over Skåne in a matter of a few hours. Batool Entezari was on her way to the laundry room in the basement of her apartment building in Malmö, when the elevator got stuck between two floors. The lower level had flooded with rainwater. And suddenly, water started seeping in to the tiny elevator. And it kept rising, to her knees at first, then to her hips and waist.

"I thought I was done for, that I was going to drown", she says. "I started thinking about my children and that maybe I wouldn't get to see them again."

So she started pressing buttons, banging on the door and screaming at the top of her lungs to draw attention - to no avail. None of the buttons worked and early on Sunday morning, most neighbours were still fast asleep. And her mobile phone was upstairs in her apartment.

"I took off my clogs and tried pressing them through the gap between the doors," she says. She explains how she finally managed to pry open a gap no more than ten, fifteen centimeters. Enough to somehow slip her head and body through the doors.

Entezari is grateful to be alive, but she keeps thinking about what could have happened had it been a child that had taken the elevator on Sunday morning.

"A child would have died because the water just kept rising. And a child wouldn't have had the strength to get the door open. "