What the parties think about... the zombie apocalypse?

5:03 min

With zombies lurking just about everywhere in popular culture these days, one man in Sweden set out to find where the political parties stand on issues concerning an invasion of the undead and what they're prepared to do in the name of survival.

Herman Geijer is a self-described zombie expert who writes a blog on the undead phenomenon.

In August, he decided to reach out with some zombie-related queries to seven of Sweden's eight parliamentary parties, excluding the Sweden Democrats for personal reasons.

His questions ranged from financial ones on whether Swedes could claim a tax-deduction on their preparations for a zombie disaster, to what laws would apply when taking down the walking dead. Geijer says he expected just a handful of replies to his four-question survey. But, a few weeks later, he was surprised by the response.

Every party, except for the Moderates and the Christian Democrats, chimed in and dissected the issues. Geijer says he was most satisfied with the answers from Sweden's Left Party.

"They were best in mixing fictional and serious answers," he told Radio Sweden. "They sort of described some of their political suggestions and zombie-fied them a bit."

Although Geijer admits the pop cultural appeal of zombies is what really interests him, he says zombies can be an effective teaching tool, bringing to life topics like social issues, disasters and human nature.

"You can use zombies as a metaphor for problems that arise in society or unexpected events," he added "But it's mostly for fun."

Still though, even after going through the answers, Gejier says he hasn't been wooed by any certain party's zombie platform and will be casting his vote on issue unrelated to the walking dead.