English stand-up bringing laughs to Stockholm

4:13 min

Stockholm is to get a new comedy club next week, as comedian Ben Kersley kicks off a once-a-month event featuring English-speaking comedians from home and abroad.

Ben Kersley tells Radio Sweden that "Laughing Stock" will be the first all-English language comedy club in Sweden's capital.

"The idea is to hopefully fill a gap in the stand-up comedy scene in Stockholm. It's quite common that you can see English language comedians but they are often with other Swedish speaking acts and it's a bit rubbish that you might only be able to understand one act."

The English comedian, who also performs in Swedish, believes that there is a demand for English language comedy.

"Swedes have no problem understanding English and this will fill a gap," he tells Radio Sweden, and adds that Swedes have a great sense of humour.

The club kicks-off next Wednesday with well-known Swede Tobias Persson and Yemi Afolabi from New York.