Childhood brain tumour survivors need more support

4:52 min

Children with cancer have an 80 percent survival rate in Sweden but the effects on those recovering from a brain tumour can be long lasting. 

The children's cancer foundation (Barncancerfonden) released its annual report on Wednesday and focused on the long term aftercare of children recovering from brain tumours.

The general secretary of Barncancerfonden, Olle Björk, tells Radio Sweden that support is lacking in schools but it is often difficult for teachers to deal with children who have survived a brain tumour but have cognitive problems.

"There is a great problem with brain tumours because it can destroy some part of the brain and we have to use irradiation which is always harmful to a child. Nearly all of children with brain tumours have some cognitive problems which would be obvious at school and the teachers must adapt to the problems the child may have." 

Olle Björk says that cancer treatment for children does not vary between different regions in Sweden. Childhood cancer, he says, is much better than adult cancer.