Foreign-born grads lag behind Swedes in job market

Foreign-born workers with certain university degrees are struggling more to find jobs than their Swedish counterparts. That's according to a report from the Swedish Union of University Graduates.

Foreign-born graduates earn less, are more often unemployed and are more likely to get a job outside of their field of study or skills set. Just under half of all foreign graduates in Sweden have a job corresponding to their education level.

According to the survey by Jusek, the gap between Swedes and foreign-born grads is larger today than in 2001. The survey included a look at economists, lawyers and social scientists.

This is despite several government decisions aimed at improving and speeding up the job-seeking process for foreign graduates.

Jusek chairman Sofia Larsen told Swedish Radio that the group wants to see more investment in Swedish language education and a national system for validating one's educational credentials.