Sex buyers' guide removed after police criticism

1:37 min

The sex education association RFSL removed an online guide advising those wanting to buy sex after police complained it was encouraging people to break the law.

The 4-page guide was available for years and offered health tips and safety information for those buying sex.

It didn't create much of a stir until police this week criticized the publication since it is illegal to buy sex in Sweden. Selling sex though is not against the law.

"It's strange to encourage people to go and commit a crime," Marie Näslund of Stockholm police told Swedish Radio's youth channel.

Suzann Larsdotter, a sex educator at RFSL, said even people paying for sex have the right to know how to protect themselves.

"If the police think this site leads to people committing crimes, they should contact us and tell us what is problematic about it so we can change it," she said.

The website begins by stating that paying for sex is illegal, then goes on to advise agreeing on time, price and services in advance, and also says how to prevent spreading STDs.