Moderate-led council appeals against taking more refugees

A council in southern Sweden does not want to accept more child refugees, and is appealing against a government order.

The council is led by the party of the prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, who recently said Swedes should “open their hearts” to refugees, while also warning the costs were significant.

The number of child refugees coming to Sweden on their own is at a record high, and the Migration Board now has the power to force local municipalities to house the children.

The Moderate-led council of Östra Göinge says the law is being applied wrongly, with areas that already have large numbers of refugees being forced to take even more. The Migration Board tries to place lone children in areas where they have a family connection.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says to Swedish Radio News that he thinks Östra Göinge has already shown that it is doing its bit for refugees. The Municipality has the highest number of refugees in Skåne County, per head of population. He also says the government will make sure that the work of taking in refugees is shared more equally across Sweden.