Maternity clinic after woman's death: "could have happened anywhere"

During a press conference today, the Stockholm BB Sophia maternity clinic welcomed an independent investigation into the death of a woman who gave birth there last week, but insisted the care they had given her was as good as she would have gotten at any hospital.

The woman had a heart attack during the delivery and was transferred to Karolinska University Hospital, where she died, reports news agency TT.

According to the clinic's operations manager, Michael Algovik, the woman had been getting the relevant care, and when it turned out that the baby's shoulders had gotten stuck, another doctor was called in. However, when the baby was born, the woman was lifeless, and she received emergency treatment.

Algovik said the woman was already getting intensive care in her room, and that she was surrounded by a big team with a lot of experience, but they soon suspected she needed a longer time in intensive care, which is why they transferred her to Karolinska in an intensive care ambulance.

According to BB Sophia's head doctor Harald Almström, the woman had chosen to deliver her baby at BB Sophia, and there was no information that the woman had had earlier complications.

Her critical condition was first discovered when the baby was born.

"We never could have imagined that she would suffer circulatory collapse," he said.

"This could have happened anywhere," he said. "The care was as good as at any hospital. We don't see any deficiencies in the intensive care she got."

The Swedish Association for Obstretic Anasthesia and Intensive Care has previously criticized the maternity clinic for lacking adequate resources for intensive care.

"We're surprised by the criticism. Our intensive care is comparable with Karolinska's, though for a short time. The critics must have another agenda," said Almström.