Priest stripped of right to perform marriages after 35 years

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency has taken away the right of a priest in the southern town of Nässjö, to officiate weddings, because he performed the ceremony for a couple whose official certificate stating that there were no impedements to the marriage, had expired.

The priest has said that it was not until the day of the wedding that he first noticed the certificate had expired, reports news agency TT.

"To tell a full church congregation that the wedding could not take place would have been impossible," he wrote in answer, adding, "I have been a priest for 35 years and have officiated many weddings, but have never been in this situation. I am conscious of the formal error, but could not have handled the situation in another way."

The agency, however, has not budged on its position.

It is not always easy to keep track of the date nor the year, according to a protocol from the Växjö cathedral chapter, reports TT. According to the protocol, the chapter found out about the incident in August . . . of 2015.