Street price of drugs falling

The street price in Sweden of heroin and amphetamines has more than halved over the last twenty years, according to the Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs, CAN.

The reason for the fall in price is that it is easier to sell the drugs today, according to Ulf Guttormsson from CAN. Less disappears due to the use of GPS tracking and there is also more competition as more drugs are being brought into the country, he told Swedish Radio News: "If you look at the amount captured by the police you can see it has increased rapidly during the same period, so we make the conclusion that more is being brought in, there is a greater choice. There are more drugs available."

Prices for cannabis and marijuana have fallen slightly, according to CAN.

The number of fatalities amongst drug users in Sweden continues to be high, with 589 people dying from drug-related illnesses last year, according to the official statistics. That is up 120 deaths compared to 2012.